Monday, February 11, 2019

Ship Building and Cell Hacks

Halifax's ship building tradition continues with a combined contract for the Irving Shipyard awarded by the Federal government. 60 billion to build 15 Frigates for the Canadian Navy awarded to Lockheed Martin and BAe along with Irving. The first steel for these ships to be cut is expected to be in 2022 after the design is complete.

Meanwhile, work continues on the Arctic Patrol Ships while Russia continues a gradual buildup of air, land and undersea presence  around and near the North Pole. What's behind all this? Ownership of energy and ore riches.

The West and East coasts are getting whacked with wind storms lately, specially in BC with damage and power outages over the weekend.

Sim cards on cells. 

Social Engineering ... really? A new label for crooks and hackers. I still call them for what they are. Thieves that clean out people instead of working for a living.

Reading that article you can see how clever these people are. They impersonate and keep probing those agents and call center people that are not trained enough in the secure protection of accounts. A name and phone number to get started until a cellphone is took over and finances cleaned out.

With cellphone Apps and software; auto storing and auto adding Login details/Pin numbers to financial accounts, makes it easier for crooks to enter. It's also not a good idea to add and file username/account login numbers and passwords on a phone such as debit card numbers for example. Specially to your bank.

Stay safe.

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