Monday, February 4, 2019

February Coffee Break

As I continue to learn the ropes with the Stock Market, and that will probably go on to the end of days for me because it's always changing and evolving; there are so many aspects to it that it makes your head spin and I have to sit back at times ... ok, one point at a time to grasp.

For example, say I'm heavily invested in some Canadian prime blue chip stocks and suddenly issues come up I see on the online news that turn into international spats. Will that weigh on any businesses I'm involved with that have stakes in that country or countries. Yes, that can certainly happen as seen in past weeks. 

Here are the ongoing issues ...

Now that the US has an extradition order in place for the Huwaii Exec, tensions heightened with US and China and Canada because she is being held in British Columbia, we are being eyed with angry accusing eyes from Beijing.

Just my opinion, but I feel she should be allowed to return to China and put an end to all this mess with travel restrictions in place until some kind of inquiry looks into the US claims, which usually takes months.

Meanwhile, Canadians living in China are being more scrutinized for any issues. A few have been detained since the Hauwei issue came up here.

China, being a major trading partner with Canada has an impact on businesses involved with the recent political spats but so far it's business as normal.

With our own doing and not US related this time, we criticized Saudi Arabia about Human Rights which caused and continues to cause a rift and some businesses that deal with the county are having a financial headache over that. It's good to have a strong international voice but being a young country criticizing Saudi Arabia is not going to change any policy on their part although it makes us feel good that we look after our own. 

Time for a coffee break

Hashing Ad Space  is the most interesting new venture I've funded in 2019 so far. A 'trade able' token with Bitcoin called 'Asimi' is the only currency within the Advertising project. So, Asimi is actually an "Ad" coin but also has worth when trading back to Bitcoin. When I started it was worth 0.50 USD and now valued at 0.65 USD while it fluctuates daily

I began by watching the introduction and 'how to' videos so now I'm into 'minting' Asimi daily and that lasts for a year per funding.

I have the option of remaining passive or for folks who sponsor, they can bring in people into their organization and earn 10% of their daily 'mints', which can certainly add up over time.

Hashing Ad Space is just getting it's legs and hopefully will run for a few years but like other ventures I'm involved with, depending on how it's accepted by the crypto related community. 

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