Monday, January 21, 2019

The Big Swap

So far, this winter's weather in the Halifax Regional Municipality has been different from previous years. For the 2nd time this month we had far less snow than forecast for a storm followed by a day and night of rain. Personally, I prefer that to about 3 feet of snow but others like to see the white stuff.

Ending last Friday, the Markets here in Canada continued to improve. Meanwhile, Canada and China relations are not good today from the fallout of the Chinese cellphone Hauwei exec being held in British Columbia for the United States. So we got caught in the middle.

Interesting where the Big Banks of Canada are now into the main Weed stocks with recommendations and 'gain' forecasts. Canopy Growth and Cronos Group, for example with a 'buy' and 'outperform' rating from CIBC.

In the digital coin area of crypto currencies, insights from those doing steady research on the whole sector figure 'some' of the drops in Bitcoin value is due to investing in other and new on the Market coins looking for gains with some swapping back to Bitcoin and repeat. Makes sense where the majority of tokens are difficult to exchange for cash or fiat when one wants or sites obeying the laws of the land where a coin needs to be held in for a few months before open to exchange for profit. In other words ... a security where an outfit issuing a coin in the US must be compliant with State and Federal SEC departments.

Meanwhile, I'm enjoying the current 'up' trend in the exciting and high risk area of High Yield sites while it lasts with profit in mind.

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