Monday, January 7, 2019

First Week of 2019

So far ... so good with January and February being our main winter months for snowy weather here in Nova Scotia. Heavy systems have bypassed us and dumped a lot of snow on Newfoundland during the past week or so.

Actually, I'll narrow that down to the Halifax area after looking at some pictures of the Highlands in Cape Breton (northern Nova Scotia) from Boxing Day. That bank is even higher today.

Cold winter nights to watch the NHL hockey games, movies or a scatter TV show. Not much interests me on TV with all the reruns except a few series shows like The Rookie, Magnum PI, Lethal Weapon and Vikings I enjoy.

Although a tad flat in the Canadian Market today, there has been improvement since December and I'm liking that so far. Some articles relate the latter 2018 drop/negative gain with the index's in the Markets ... to the Dirty 30's and the great market collapse at that time but lessons have been learnt since then.

Bitcoin, being the index for crypto coins has also been on the move 'up' so far with a lot of bouncing around in value and what Traders like to see. Buy low, sell high. Some predictors of the 2017 Bitcoin high forecast 2019 will be better than 2018. Others figure it will drop to around $100 in about 10 years. It all depends on the human factor driving it all, bulls and bears. Market news positive and negative also factoring in, bringing on panic and fear with selling, or more steady buying.

Personally, I don't take 'stock' in any long term predictions and focus on the short term, day to day stuff and look for the possible gains I can achieve.

Thousands of people into Bitcoin Mining have quit or companies employing them have laid off and downsized. Not much or no profit being the blame from the highs of 2017. Keeping in mind the computer hardware and huge power draw expenses involved.

On the flip side, the 'middle folks' like crypto coin payment processors and exchangers continue to do very well, which is usually the case., Coinbase and CoinPayments being examples.

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