Thursday, January 24, 2019

Coins that Ain't Heavy

It certainly doesn't have the feel of winter today as we are into another mild spurt since last night. Driving along a flat calm bay with windows down and a flock of salt water ducks flying along parallel to my car just above the water ... who needs Florida but there will be more bone chilling temperatures to come yet before it's over.

Pop! Like air coming out of a balloon, the High Yield frenzy spurt I mentioned in my last article is over for now. In rapid succession, a few sites shut down so I'll chill once again with that niche. Reminds me of all the ICO's (Initial Coin Offering) failing now on the crypto news after millions were and still are being pumped in. Big plans at the start but constant layoffs now or shutting down, mainly due to the slow leveling down of the Bitcoin value over the last 3 months.

But, like all category related opportunities that come up, a few will continue to grow and award those who invested.

I did get my first Litecoin paid to me yesterday; posted on my 'Update' site. With a market cap shy of 2 billion USD, I can exchange it for Bitcoin later if I wish.

The cost of living has edged up in 2019 already and not hard to see with higher prices in the grocery stores, especially with produce. Folks living on the same paycheck to paycheck will need to be even more thrifty when shopping to stay on an even keel. At least the gas is still cheap here, staying under a $1 a liter so far.

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