Wednesday, December 26, 2018

The High Concentration

Long term in both job and investments is what I want and look for. I imagine the majority of people are in that boat however, there's also the people who like to work contract jobs and into short selling looking for a gain with every transaction being the goal but not always realized.

In many a workplace, job security is an issue and a main topic with Union/Company negotiations.

In the stock market, it's not hard to go long term with some diversification. For example, although there was rumblings about it before ... who would of thought Sears would close up shop in Canada. Hitting employees, the retired with reduced pensions and investors. Back to my point about spreading out and not going with just one investment. 

There's always exceptions, like going with the big banks of Canada for example.

With me, I raise funds or capital from high yield ventures to leverage into even longer term stocks with lower gains if that makes sense. Both come with varying degrees of risk. 

For example, I'm into 4 ventures that have been operating since 2016 and longer ranging from 5+% a week to 2% per day . From time to time when I see another opportunity that gets my mustache to twitching, I'll look into it and fund if I feel it's doable. I include these on my Updates site.

Gains, as I mentioned, I leverage a portion of the funds from above into my building stock market list of investments. All are dividend paying stocks to date. The thing about 'dividend paying' stocks is there is probable moderate gains over a year but steady dividends or those that raise slightly over the years is ideal.

What gets real risky is those non-dividend paying stocks that have that 'bubble' effect of which, there are many that can be both lucrative and enticing. One example is the Canadian 'Weed' stocks that took off initially but just before ... and since 'Weed' became legal here, the air has slowly come out and a few have dropped like a rock in price. Next, is probably the 'edible' Weed like in cookies and drinkable due to come in a year or so. Those stocks will probably get manipulated into another 'bubble' type trend. Manipulated being the key word. That 'pump and dump' strategy by some highly followed investors.

CBD oil with a low 'high' effect used more for medicinal purposes is expected to grow quickly in the US due to a Farm bill that will allow farmers to grow the plants that produce it. They look like marijuana plants and have that smell but low in THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) level, I refer to as The 'High' Concentration.

Some examples of what I look at and read about where an investor could make gains when they come on stream but again ... pure risk involved like my online ventures.

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