Saturday, December 1, 2018

Optimistic about December

November was quite a rock and sock em' month for both the stock and crypto markets. The month did end up on a positive note as both Markets recovered some. Being an optimist, every investor would like to see that slow rebound continue in December or at the least, stay somewhat even to today's results.

In the last week of November, Bitcoin bottomed out for now and climbed some, bouncing around at the $4000 USD level. The majority of ventures to make a 'coin' with online have moved to Bitcoin the last couple of years so it's about adjusting like always where it's useless to dwell on past performance although history makes for good reference.

I'd much prefer a Stable Coin be added into the mix in the future where it's 1 coin to 1 USD dollar, for example with blockchain transactions keeping fees ultra low compared to other payment processor fees.

No worries then about looking at a crypto wallet and see the value drop dramatically because Bitcoin lost over 2 grand in value in a day or two. What! My fav morning coffee brew lost it's taste that morning. That's the game. Adjust and move on.

It's always been about trends and they change or repeat as history has shown.

Stock Market tends to be on a 10 year cycle between major drops, the last one being in 2008, with the current markets bringing about a lot of uncertainty for investors this past month.

Meanwhile, I continue on track with shifting gains online to long term dividend producing companies and Trusts, keeping management fees as low as possible. Adding funds to my high interest savings account on a regular basis.

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