Monday, December 24, 2018

Merry Christmas

With a recent mild and a day of heavy rain, Halifax will be 'green' for the Christmas holidays where sun and coldish temps are in the forecast. It's the usual crazy traffic time with shoppers and events happening this time of year despite the increase in online shopping.

I'm liking the drop in the price of gas once again dropping below a $1 a liter although it's causing turmoil in Canada' oil province, Alberta. Similar to the stock market where our major index, the TSX, dropped over 2000 points since July. Yikes and that sent a lot of investors into panic and sell mode with Bonds, GIC's and high interest savings accounts being alternatives 'for now'.

As always, the middle people gain like brokers, fintechs and banks which cleaned up on 'fees' during all this selling and rearranging of portfolios.

The big sell off also hit the crypto market in December but has rebounded since with Bitcoin coming back up to hover around the $4000 USD level. A comfort zone 'for now'.

You may notice I add a lot of 'for now' into scenarios where today's updates on Markets, etc is already old news. Later today and tomorrow, it's always about moving forward and unpredictable.

I haven't sold anything in either Market where I continue on through these swings and trends since I first got my feet wet in the world of investing back in 1998.

Merry Christmas to everybody and enjoy the holidays.

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