Wednesday, December 26, 2018

The High Concentration

Long term in both job and investments is what I want and look for. I imagine the majority of people are in that boat however, there's also the people who like to work contract jobs and into short selling looking for a gain with every transaction being the goal but not always realized.

In many a workplace, job security is an issue and a main topic with Union/Company negotiations.

In the stock market, it's not hard to go long term with some diversification. For example, although there was rumblings about it before ... who would of thought Sears would close up shop in Canada. Hitting employees, the retired with reduced pensions and investors. Back to my point about spreading out and not going with just one investment. 

There's always exceptions, like going with the big banks of Canada for example.

With me, I raise funds or capital from high yield ventures to leverage into even longer term stocks with lower gains if that makes sense. Both come with varying degrees of risk. 

For example, I'm into 4 ventures that have been operating since 2016 and longer ranging from 5+% a week to 2% per day . From time to time when I see another opportunity that gets my mustache to twitching, I'll look into it and fund if I feel it's doable. I include these on my Updates site.

Gains, as I mentioned, I leverage a portion of the funds from above into my building stock market list of investments. All are dividend paying stocks to date. The thing about 'dividend paying' stocks is there is probable moderate gains over a year but steady dividends or those that raise slightly over the years is ideal.

What gets real risky is those non-dividend paying stocks that have that 'bubble' effect of which, there are many that can be both lucrative and enticing. One example is the Canadian 'Weed' stocks that took off initially but just before ... and since 'Weed' became legal here, the air has slowly come out and a few have dropped like a rock in price. Next, is probably the 'edible' Weed like in cookies and drinkable due to come in a year or so. Those stocks will probably get manipulated into another 'bubble' type trend. Manipulated being the key word. That 'pump and dump' strategy by some highly followed investors.

CBD oil with a low 'high' effect used more for medicinal purposes is expected to grow quickly in the US due to a Farm bill that will allow farmers to grow the plants that produce it. They look like marijuana plants and have that smell but low in THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) level, I refer to as The 'High' Concentration.

Some examples of what I look at and read about where an investor could make gains when they come on stream but again ... pure risk involved like my online ventures.

Monday, December 24, 2018

Merry Christmas

With a recent mild and a day of heavy rain, Halifax will be 'green' for the Christmas holidays where sun and coldish temps are in the forecast. It's the usual crazy traffic time with shoppers and events happening this time of year despite the increase in online shopping.

I'm liking the drop in the price of gas once again dropping below a $1 a liter although it's causing turmoil in Canada' oil province, Alberta. Similar to the stock market where our major index, the TSX, dropped over 2000 points since July. Yikes and that sent a lot of investors into panic and sell mode with Bonds, GIC's and high interest savings accounts being alternatives 'for now'.

As always, the middle people gain like brokers, fintechs and banks which cleaned up on 'fees' during all this selling and rearranging of portfolios.

The big sell off also hit the crypto market in December but has rebounded since with Bitcoin coming back up to hover around the $4000 USD level. A comfort zone 'for now'.

You may notice I add a lot of 'for now' into scenarios where today's updates on Markets, etc is already old news. Later today and tomorrow, it's always about moving forward and unpredictable.

I haven't sold anything in either Market where I continue on through these swings and trends since I first got my feet wet in the world of investing back in 1998.

Merry Christmas to everybody and enjoy the holidays.

Monday, December 17, 2018

Moving Coin to Cash

The first day of winter is on Friday, the 21st of December and we're getting a small taste of it today with a mix bag of weather; flurries, rain and then a couple centimeter's of white stuff, slowly turning mild again towards the end of the week.

In the world of digital coin, crypto winter is a common term being used at this time of year. I guess it's a combination of a slow down with investors and with Bitcoin, the 'benchmark' of coins, having dropped to it's current level.

From it's low at around $1000 USD in January, 2017 to it's high, I figure the $3000 USD range is reasonable level for it to stabilize for awhile but it's an online world of thousands of buyers and sellers with market caps in the billions. What they call Bulls and Bears respectively. So, obviously, an individual even with what they call a Whale with a few million involved, has no control of future value swings and has to adjust accordingly.

Of course with investors it's about gains and money. With a lot of new people entering this market and some folks who have been involved for a long time, it's about is how to turn a coin you can't touch or feel to money in the hand with convenience and at the lowest fees possible.

For US residents, Coinbase makes that easy with funding and withdrawing to US Banks. Now, US members can also 'withdraw' funds via PayPal with no fee.

Outside of the US, members can use credit/debit cards. Personally, I don't use credit/debit unless it's online shopping or for flights, etc. Coinbase updated; international withdrawals with Paypal is coming in 2019. That would be convenient for me here in Canada if and when that option becomes a reality.

Currently, I bring in Bitcoin to Coinbase from my online ventures and like my other 'Wallet' with, I use a Canadian based payment processor to move my Bitcoin to cash and on to my bank.

Closing for today, I rarely turn down an opportunity to receive free coin or what they call an, 'airdrop', so I followed the prompts with and I received $25 worth of Stellar a couple days ago where I was in the queue. With a current increase in price as of now, I own more than the original $25 worth and can exchange it to Bitcoin as an option on for a current gain if I wish.

Stellar's stats and current value you can see here

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Cold Spurts

With Christmas less than two weeks away, we remain 'green' here in the Halifax Regional Municipality with off and on cold spurts.

Overall, the stock markets are staying cold with some exceptions I have been watching. More on the rise in awareness over the last year is not just about the lower fees being offered out there but also 'Short Sellers'. When some outfits that 'branded' themselves as sort of investigators of highly invested companies with thousands of followers, they can make a quick buck or even a fortune when a stock plunges on their word.

They could recommend 'sell' anticipating a drop in the value of a stock at a moment's notice or after lengthy research when they conclude something is not kosher even after a company responds and provides details they are wrong.

In the end, it can be devastating for individual investors not aware of a planned surge of 'short selling' driving down the price, which could end up to be a permanent loss or temporary with an eventual stock rebound after a 'Branded' short seller's recommendations are in error or a company has made positive steps to correct any issues.

This has been going on for decades and many an investor is calling on the Government's to do something about the art of short selling that's not always based on fact and outright cons at times. However, no action has been taken to date. Occasionally, short sellers with some influence do end up in trouble with the law by disregarding the rules. One example is the illegal use of 'insider' information and gaining or profiting from it.

So, even with due diligence and all the normal fluctuations in a stock price that comes with it, 'short sellers' are out there waiting to pounce by actually gaining when a stock price drops off the cliff. You can Google 'short sellers' to find out more.

Jumping over to the crypto markets at near mid December, Bitcoin has been holding above the $3000 USD mark for a few days now, which is good as gains come into my crypto wallet. Bad of course if BTC does continue to drop to 3 grand or lower where it's highly unpredictable. The overall ugly part of it all is not knowing when Bitcoin will eventually bottom out and remain within a range for a few months or even climb slowly.

That prompted a lot of former HODL'ers to abandon that plan and sell recently to a tune of billions of dollars worth.

It's always about adjusting with the times and trends. Part strategy planning/gathering information and part ... luck.

Saturday, December 1, 2018

Optimistic about December

November was quite a rock and sock em' month for both the stock and crypto markets. The month did end up on a positive note as both Markets recovered some. Being an optimist, every investor would like to see that slow rebound continue in December or at the least, stay somewhat even to today's results.

In the last week of November, Bitcoin bottomed out for now and climbed some, bouncing around at the $4000 USD level. The majority of ventures to make a 'coin' with online have moved to Bitcoin the last couple of years so it's about adjusting like always where it's useless to dwell on past performance although history makes for good reference.

I'd much prefer a Stable Coin be added into the mix in the future where it's 1 coin to 1 USD dollar, for example with blockchain transactions keeping fees ultra low compared to other payment processor fees.

No worries then about looking at a crypto wallet and see the value drop dramatically because Bitcoin lost over 2 grand in value in a day or two. What! My fav morning coffee brew lost it's taste that morning. That's the game. Adjust and move on.

It's always been about trends and they change or repeat as history has shown.

Stock Market tends to be on a 10 year cycle between major drops, the last one being in 2008, with the current markets bringing about a lot of uncertainty for investors this past month.

Meanwhile, I continue on track with shifting gains online to long term dividend producing companies and Trusts, keeping management fees as low as possible. Adding funds to my high interest savings account on a regular basis.