Thursday, November 15, 2018


Temperatures are slowly stepping down in Nova Scotia as we head for winter. We're still getting the odd mild day in between which I'll take anytime. 

Temperatures are not the only thing going down these days as stock markets continue to be fidgety after a rally early in November. One of the pluses is that the Oil price is moving up some where the Saudi's announced they are cutting production for now, although the US is pumping more than usual these days.

Just to get a feel of what's going on with the rumblings in the Markets, Canada's TSX index is in the negative return for 2018, which is a benchmark. Hopefully, things will improve towards years end for investors that are affected by these 'benchmark' lows lately.

I'm mainly focused on dividend producing REIT's, which have been mainly unaffected by the Market eruptions. They mostly deal with rental income which is booming as housing prices continue to go up; out of reach for those not falling into the tightening bank restrictions for mortgages.

On the digital coin front, Bitcoin took a wicked drop yesterday ... falling about a $1000 USD in value from the $6300 USD range it's been at for weeks. BTC is climbing again today but of course no predictions where it will go. I'm not sure if this has anything to do with today's Bitcoin Cash's 'hard fork' where 1 or 2 new coins will emerge on exchanges that support it. Those interested are buying BCC to gain an equal amount of the competing coins for free. (Bitcoin ABC and/or Bitcoin SV)

The result of all that will be seen this evening or tomorrow on various crypto news sites.

In Canada, the legal weed hooplah from opening day in Canada has gone fairly quiet where it's more about not enough supply to meet demand and that will continue for some time to come. Meanwhile, it must be looking good for the Government coffers as tax money flows in from each sale like wine, beer and liquor.

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