Saturday, November 24, 2018

Coin for Gas

The one thing I can't grumble about this fall in Nova Scotia, is the price of gas that hits me direct in my wallet to keep the car fueled. For now, low oil prices are keeping the price of gas at the pumps down.

What I can grumble about is another wallet I have and that is my crypto wallets. At this time, Bitcoin is tracking down to $4000 USD, a long ways from $6500 on November 7th. Billions have flowed out into other crypto coins and/or cash. Value adjustments one has to come to terms with like everything else when changes occur in the investor world. 

I come to terms with it all quickly where it's always about moving forward. I've seen it all before with broad investor panic and just wait until things return to a reasonable level of 'normal'.

Stable coins seem to be one of the major trades happening in the Crypto Market place. Touted to be coins that won't move much in value based on 1 coin equal to 1 US dollar for example, fluctuating a few cents up and down.

Although millions have flowed into various Stable coins since they have become a major trend, I'm leaning towards Circle's USD Coin, USDC. Behind it is the low fees I prefer with transactions.

Currently, blockchain fees to 'move' crypto and with person to person transactions is very low compared to when I convert to fiat such as USD or CDN, where fees increase quite a bit depending which outfit I'm dealing with.

These days there is a lot more awareness of high fees impacting bottom lines and that has certainly happened with folks into the stock market as well, where it pays to shop around for the ultra low management fees these days and the introduction of more zero cost stock buy and sell finteks where an average Canadian Bank has a fee of upwards of $9.95 for each transaction.

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