Sunday, October 7, 2018


Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day in Canada and I'll top it off with a Turkey dinner.

The weather remains mild here in Nova Scotia with just a light coat required early
morning until it warms up.

My Boys, the Montreal Canadiens surprised me again in their 2nd game of the season,
beating the Pittsburgh Penguins, 5 - 1. Their star goalie, Carey Price is in great form
and hopefully, hell stay injury free this season but it's a long grind with the 82 game

Here, in the latter part of 2018, things got a tad more expensive for Canadians.
The Bank of Canada is slowly hiking interest rates and the price of oil per barrel
is up, fluctuating around $75 US. That makes gas and heating oil more expensive.

Here in Halifax, the building of high rise apartment buildings never stop, 12 months
a year ... one after another and several at a time. That brings me to REIT's, Real Estate
Investment Trusts, that own the majority of these buildings along with retail
shopping complexes, malls and office buildings.

Buying into these REIT's in the stock market has been one of the steadier investments
over time. The plus being, getting paid monthly dividends based on each 'share'
owned. However, rising interest rates will have some affect on the price of the shares.
It costs more to mortgage these new buildings and when renewals come due for
existing buildings not paid off ... plus loans for other expenses. There are few
types of REIT's, ... residential, office focused, industrial, healthcare, etc.

However, long term is the plan and building monthly dividends for the future can
be a great additional source of income. REIT'S aren't going anywhere but some
mergers do happen where investors are informed in advance with the shuffling
of their shares and dividends.

That's just one area of investing I find interesting and I'll get into more sectors in
future posts.

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