Thursday, October 25, 2018

The Pegged Coin

When the planets align for me after waiting to making a swap from Bitcoin to the Canadian Dollar it can be rewarding. 

Bitcoin fluctuates all day long in value with a lot of factors involved like speculation, bad or good news in the crypto world from all over the globe or even the daily events in the stock markets. 

So, when I want cash for my digital coin and Bitcoin is lower than it's usual level, I wait for it to climb to do an exchange first to US dollars; that I mainly deal in. Exchanging to Canadian dollars from USD when our dollar is less than the 'norm' these days ... ends up to be an increase in CDN funds ending up in my bank account from the original Bitcoin I started with.  

For example, 1 bitcoin equaling $6200 USD back on the 15th of October and then zooming up to near 6700 USD that same day leading into the 16th of October. I'd get more bang for my coin exchanging to USD at the high end that day.

Feels good as well in the end with that feeling it's a win, win after being patient.

It's the game and gamble at the same time, that Bitcoin remains around that $6500 level these days after the normal ups and downs. 'Bears' could take over and it free fall for awhile is the negative part to keep in mind and be prepared for.

In contrast to that I'm seeing the rise of the 'Stable Coin'. Relatively new where Coinbase is now adding it's first ... being the Circle's offspring called USD Coin. It will equal the value of the US dollar or what they call 'pegged' to the US dollar.

The idea is the coin won't fluctuate much at all (+ or - 5 cents perhaps) and be more 'stable' in say; investments for the future. What you put in, you get back plus gains like ETF's for example.

When transferring from one person to another ... equal to the US Dollar. Send USDC equal to a $100 USD and the person receiving gets $100 USD worth of USDC (fees not factored in) unlike Bitcoin where in an hour, it's possible it could fall $200 or more in value when received. Less than the value in US dollars originally sent the hour before.

A 'reliable' stable coin is what I would like to see and deal in.

But, the investor side of me likes the 'up' swings with Bitcoin. In the future, I'm figuring there will be a place and time for Bitcoin and a 'Stable' coin to be used side by side in different sectors.

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