Saturday, October 13, 2018

Rogue Waves

Last week, millions of people got a taste of the crash with the Markets back 10 years ago in 2008. 

With a RRSP from work, I watched it lose 80% of it's value and wondering what kind of haywire outfit is my company using to invest my money. But, it's all driven by the 'benchmarks' of the Markets and if I did ask for a sell, that would of been foolish looking at the history of the ups and downs over the years and decades. Eventually they rebounded back to the original value and I was a happy, but relieved camper.

Keen investors watch until they figure the Markets are as about as low they figure they will go and then begin buying at a cheaper price than before the 2008 fiasco. As shares rise in value, others join in on a general 'Bull' run for awhile and the past drastic drop goes into the history books

In contrast and after the bubble popped with Bitcoin heading into 2018, it's quite clear to see how the above works as BTC climbed and fell, hundreds of USD dollars in value at a time. Bull and Bear runs. Buying low and selling high but the big difference, Bitcoin is a lot more unpredictable than the stock markets. In stocks there are normally signs of a storm to come as they did before last week's rout.

However, Bitcoin did fall with the Markets from it's average position hovering around $6500 USD... falling to around the $6,200 range for now. I expect it to rise to normal but again, highly unpredictable. Those who HODL, will be glad once it does climb again.

As for me, I tend to go for long term investing and that's what I seek, bracing for those rogue waves like last week although I enjoy a 'quick fix' for some excitement from time to time. Something with a quick gain.

Concluding for today, the flying public will be or should be glad to see that employees of the major airlines in Canada ... Air Canada and Westjet have mandated that even when off duty, those employees involved in the 'safe flight' aspect, can not use marijuana when it is legalized. Aircraft Maintenance Engineers and mechanics, for example ... that certify an aircraft safe and mechanically sound for flight.

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